Set your timer

Set your online timer to fit your needs. Add or subtract minutes and then start the timer. 

{{ minutes }}:{{ seconds }}
Play sound when finished.

How to use

Add or subtract minutes and then press “start”. The timer will tell you when your time is up. It will keep counting upward afterwards. Use sound notification if you like. Just keep the window/tab open in the background and the timer will tell you when it’s time to change your focus.

A timer could be needed for almost anything.

  • Timer for food cooking (kitchen timer) if you are for boiling pasta or eggs, making lasagna or baking pastries etc.
  • You might need to set a timer for working or studying.
  • Personally I often use timers when I work with my computer. I need a little reminder once every 60 minutes so I can take a short break (it usually comes down to getting a cup of coffee or just stretching my legs a little).
Set your online timer

Most popular timers

Se all online timers here.

  • Hours:
    1, 2, 3, 4 hours timer.

Of course the timers are free to use. Fast, easy and free.

Set your timer
Set your timer

On this website you can find any timer you wish for. Either you select the right timer using the menu above or you can easely just use the buttons on any timer. Click the plus button to add minutes or the minus button to subtract minutes. Remember to click the “Play sound” button if you wish to hear a ringing bell when the countdown clock reaches zero.