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Set your visual timer online with alarm or buzzer. Simply enter minutes and seconds and then start the countdown timer. The future is uncertain but the end is always near. Jim Morrison

Minutes and seconds – :

How to use the visual timer

Enter time needed and then press “start”. The timer will tell you when your time is up. You have a nice visual timer that will show you time passed and time remaining.

Alarm or vibration/buzzer?

You can choose alarm. None, analog clock or digital alarm clock. If you use your phone you can also activate vibration (buzzer).

What is a visual timer?

A visual timer is a timer that uses visual cues (e.g. a pie chart, bar graph) to show the passage of time, rather than just numbers or digits. The goal is to provide a clear and intuitive representation of the amount of time remaining, making it easier for people to track the progress of a task or activity.

A countdown timer could be needed for almost anything.

  • A visual timer for food cooking (kitchen timer) if you are for boiling pasta or eggs, making lasagna or baking pastries etc.
  • You might need to set a timer for working or studying.
  • Personally I often use timers when I work with my computer. I need a little reminder once every 60 minutes so I can take a short break (it usually comes down to getting a cup of coffee or just stretching my legs).
Set your online timer

Of course the timers are free to use. Fast, easy and free.

Visual timer online for 5 min
Visual timer online for 10 min

About this website

On this website you can find any online visual timer you wish for. Either you select the right one using the menu above or you can easily just use the buttons on any timer. Remember to activate the buzzer or the alarm if you wish to hear a ringing bell when the countdown clock reaches zero.

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